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An explanation of different styles of yoga classes available at Choose YOU:

Iyengar – Classes are relatively strong (in yoga terms) and have a focus on alignment and strength building as well as flexibility. The aim is to bring about real change in the awareness of your body while always having an effective relaxation period at the end of each class. The Iyengar teaching training course is intense and rigorous with a pass rate of only 59% in the UK.

Ashtanga Yoga’s Vinyasa system is sequences of postures that vary in difficulty and benefit. The flow between each posture is an integral part of the practice. There are three groups of movement sequences: The Primary Series which cleanses and tunes the physical body. The Intermediate Series which purifies the nervous system and the Advanced Series’ which cultivates strength and grace. Each series of postures must be accomplished before proceeding to the next. The sequential process of learning Ashtanga allows the practitioner to develop the concentration, strength, flexibility and stamina needed to progress in a safe, balanced and optimal manner. Postures are linked together through flowing movement (vinyasa). Vinyasa means breath synchronized with movement. In Ashtanga Yoga the movement is always synchronized with the breath. The result is an open heart and a clear mind in a light and strong body. Ashtanga yoga is a yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K.Pattabhi Jois (1948 – 2009).

Vinyasa flow – Core strength Vinyasa yoga is a modern style of Hatha yoga that was developed by the American yogini Sadie Nardini in 2006. This style moves students through poses in a very anatomically correct way that helps students experience their deep core centre, improving safety and stability, as well as deepening their breath.y.

Seasonal yoga – is based around working with the energy meridian lines and the related internal organs. The intention is that this focus results in us feeling physically, mentally and spiritually balanced after the practice. We aim to tune in to the individual season and then listen to the needs of our bodies. From that point we adjust, bringing balance and hopefully return ourselves to a neutral and revitalised state.

Bihar – an authentic class of asanas, breath practices, yoga nidra; with optional meditation group.
The Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda tradition) is named after the state in India where Swami Satyananda Saraswati, who developed this integrated form of practice from traditional sources, established his first ashram and school of yoga. In the Bihar School of Yoga tradition, meditation is at the heart of yoga practice and asanas are taught in a gentle and progressive way. The purpose of asana practice is to achieve physical stability and steadiness; uniting asanas with the breath encourages the development of awareness and inner stillness, fundamental to meditation practice. All the practices work on both body and mind as these are not separate entities but aspects of the whole personality. Mind is in body and body is in mind.

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Upcoming classes and events

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    7.45PM - 8.45PM

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    Our first Choose YOU ‘Soul Revival Retreat Day’ is scheduled for Sunday 8th September!!! It will run 10am - 4pm. For more info please follow link.

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    Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training

    Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training
    October 19th 2019 at 9.30am - 20th October 2019, 5.00pm

    Click link below to connect to Felicitas registration page.

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    Tai Chi Chuan with Mary Scott

    Weekly Monday & Thursday Classes
    10 week block booking
    starts Thursday 25th July
    starts Monday 29th July

    Click link below to book into Mary Scott's Tai Chi Chuan classes.

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    Yoga for Children ages 7-12 years

    Children’s yoga classes promote a sense of well-being through the use of postures, meditation and mindfulness. Sonja uses games, music and stories to introduce children to the benefits of yoga. The Kids love Sonja's classes.

    Click the link below to contact Sonja through her Facebook page.

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    Teen Weekly Yoga Class for 12-17yrs olds

    This is the best way for 12-17year olds to take control of their monkey minds. Bringing the physical and mental practice of yoga together so Teens stay grounded and calm during this time.
    These are 8 week blocks. Teens can join at any time. We offer your first class to the studio for Free to trial.
    Click link below to book your Teen into Kat's Teen Yoga class.