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Reset Retreat (16-18th September 2022)

A weekend retreat designed to facilitate a complete switch off. Accommodation and vegetarian meals provided.

Join us for a weekend of self-exploration.  Leave your troubles and devices at the entrance and come on in.  Classes and techniques probing into both psychology and spirituality.

The perfect setting with stunning grounds, an outdoor labyrinth and indoor heated pool.

Over the weekend we will undertake various exercises to develop the skill of retaining this state (Holding).  Collectively these attributes or abilities are known as the COACH state, and are a huge step in ‘transforming’ you – becoming more balanced, less reactive and more in touch with your intuition.

You will gain the most from this weekend if you are able to share yourself fully.  Be brave – work towards, and unveil your authentic self.

* Outer you – the ‘you’ we present to the world.  The parts we like best of ourselves.

** Inner you – the ‘you’ we keep hidden.  Our vulnerabilities, our parts we are least confident in.

Our authentic selves are a combination of our inner and outer selves.  A mix of nature, nurture, self-development and our own uniqueness.

From £295 for a shared room.

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