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Soul Revival Retreat Days

Nourishing and nurturing retreat days in the studio. Incorporating Iyengar yoga, led meditations, an individual 30 minute treatment (massage, Kinetic Chain Release, reflexology etc), coaching, hypnotherapy and a small gift for each participant.

Retreat days have become a big thing across the country in the few years. People are recognising the need for self-nurture as well as an empowering mindset.

Our first Choose YOU ‘Soul Revival Retreat Day’ ran on Sunday 8th September 2019, with a focus on core values and making life choices in line with those values!!!

It ran 10am – 4pm and included a lengthy yoga class, led meditation, nourishing lunch (provided by us), an individual 30 min massage or reflexology treatment and an afternoon of transformational coaching/group hypnotherapy on mindset, reaching our potential and understanding the barriers to building our own resilience (to support mental health and also to enable us to cope with the inevitable challenges life deals us at times).

Our roll out of these days has been obviously impacted by the Covid pandemic.  We will get back to these as soon as possible.

We will be building on our next 4 retreat days with different themes of

1. Who are you? – Understanding the difference between the roles in our lives and our inherent selves.
2. Get Back to You!
3. Thrive!!!! – How to thrive in your life and not just to survive.
4. Nurture Connect!

Allow our team of professionals to hold you in space and to provide the environment for you to rest, restore and grow. 🌺💫🥰 Eva will be working alongside clinical psychologist, Laura Williams and Life and Well-being Coach, Jill Davies to develop these retreat days.

The day will be priced at approximately £75. Booking details will follow shortly.

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