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Treat Yourself to an Edinburgh Sound Massage Gong Bath!

Treat Yourself to an Edinburgh Sound Massage Gong Bath!

Choose You hosts Edinburgh Sound Massage this April 2019 for another beautiful Gong Bath Session. Immerse yourself in a sound massage that will leave you so completely rested and rejuvenated.

For profound relaxation at the end of a busy week, immerse yourself in the hypnotic sounds and soothing vibrations of the Chau and Fen Gong, Tibetan therapeutic singing bowls and other instruments.

The body resonates with the vibrations of these ancient healing instruments and this brings movement and dissolves tension.

The mind is calmed and unwanted thoughts float away as it listens to beautiful sounds, rich with overtones, gradually resolving to silence.

The spirit is lifted. People say they have a renewed sense of wellbeing and find they have a deep, restful and restorative sleep afterwards. This equilibrium remains with people for some time after experiencing a Gong Bath.


Spaces fill quickly, so to avoid disappointment please book your space here

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