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Soul Revival Retreat Days

Soul Revival Retreat Days

We had our first successful Soul Revival Retreat Day on Sunday 8th September. We are currently planning a programme of 4 retreat days for 2020. We'll kickstart 2020 with a Soul Revival Retreat day in January. Watch this space for more info to come.

Retreat days have become a big thing across the country over the last few years. People are recognising the need for self-nurture as well as an empowering mindset.

Our first Choose YOU ‘Soul Revival Retreat Day’ ran in September 2019, with a focus on core values and making life choices in line with our core values!!!

We ran another retreat day in early 2020 then Covid put a stop to our roll out (boo!).

We will so be developing our next 4 retreat days with different themes around:
1. Who are you? – Understanding the difference between the roles in our lives and our inherent selves.
2. Get Back to You!
3. Thrive!!!! – How to thrive in your life and not just to survive.
4. Nurture Connect!

Allow our team of professionals to hold you in space and to provide the environment for you to rest, restore and grow. 🌺💫🥰 Eva will invite experienced therapists be part of, and to help develop these retreat days.

The day will be priced at approximately £75. Booking details will follow shortly.

Other news

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    Training with Ali Dashti

    Studio owner Eva Paterson recently attended an Iyengar training weekend with renowned instructor Ali Dashti. Ali trained with BKS Iyengar for many years and is featured in multiple Iyengar published books. He is also an author in his own right.

    The training focussed on alignment (as always!), using tools and props to ensure students know what we mean. The teachers only day featured extensive work on the groins and hips. This will quickly become incorporated into classes and will most likely feature at this years Lendrick Lodge retreat in June.

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    Iyengar Yoga Class with Eva


    Please book your space by following the link below.

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    Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training

    Learn how to teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation to kids in schools, at home, and within community settings in one fun-filled weekend!

    For more information and registration please contact Felicitas through the link below.