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Betty B

Yogi Face Yoga Teacher

For over 10 years Betty B has been a Yoga Instructor to kids & adults and a massage therapist! She runs workshops here at Choose You also offers live, online face yoga classes, 1-2-1 tuition and workshops. Sukha Yoga Face is a synergistic blend of practices that include resistance training facial exercises, marma (energy) point stimulation, massage, eye exercises, and meditation. Clients love Betty's workshops. Contact Betty for more info.

I’m at the glorious age of 52 now and I first started exercising my face when I was 28. I did the exercises on and off for around a year but got fed up doing them, as, at that time I didn’t see any changes as I was only 28 and totally buff. Then, later on when things started to slide, I made an effort to apply myself again to another program. It lasted around 6 weeks, and although I could feel and see changes, I lost interest and motivation …there were too many exercises and too much faffing around. So I stopped.
In my late 40s and early 50s, droopy jaws and flat cheeks were becoming a sad reality….((((noooo!)))) So, I took serious action and committed to getting a buff face
I put together all the best exercises I knew, tweaked them a little and created new ones, and I practiced them every day (sometimes twice daily) for a few minutes. It actually feels good to do them. We hold so much tension in our faces and it’s a relief to get it moving.
My muscles started perking up within days and it took around 6 months for me to see clear results. It’s exciting to see and feel my face wake up and change shape.
You can learn and benefit from these techniques and exercises at any age and I’m delighted to share them with you!
I’ve been a yoga instructor and massage therapist for over 10 years and Yogi Face is a synergistic blend of practices. With a combination of resistance training face exercises, massage, marma point stimulation, stretches for the neck and jaw, eye exercises, and meditation . The result is a happy, blissful face ….we all deserve a happy, blissful wee face, don’t we?

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