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Gillian Harris

Lecturer at The Academy of Aromatherpy and Massage (Scotland). Gillian aims to compile customised programs which are effective quickly and have long-lasting results.  She inherently believes that massage is the most “feel good” way to naturally heal your body and make it stronger. Contact Gillian for more info.

Clinical Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Classical Reflexologist. Reiki Practitioner. Yoga Teacher.

Gillian trained under Angus Williamson at The Academy of Aromatherapy and Massage (Scotland). She graduated in 2002 and is a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Classical Reflexologist.  After graduating, Gillian was invited back to work as a Lecturer in Reflexology and Assistant Lecturer in Massage Therapy at the Academy where she trained students in Reflexology and Massage for over 2 years.

Gillian has managed her own business now for over 14 years.  She took a few years out raising a young family and has successfully grown her client base considerably since then.  She has constantly strived to improve the physical wellbeing of her clients’ and also works on an emotional and spiritual level.

Working closely with her clients, Gillian aims to compile customised programs which are effective quickly and have long-lasting results.  She inherently believes that massage is the most “feel good” way to naturally heal your body and make it stronger.

Gillian is also a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher.  She incorporates her knowledge of yoga and it’s effects on the body into her client recovery programs.

Gillian has successfully undertaken her Reiki I practitioners course and will soon be working towards Reiki II.

Clinical Aromatherapy

“The systematic use of essential oils in holistic treatments to improve physical and emotional wellbeing”

Clinical Aromatherapy is an holistic treatment combined with massage to promote complete relaxation using a specially selected blend of essential oils known for their therapeutic qualities.

Massage is an ancient therapy that can bring about many physical benefits.  Examples of these are stimulating the circulation (thus improving the elimination of toxins), reducing muscular tension, relieving pain, relaxing and revitalizing the various systems of the body.

Aromatherapy and massage combined are an excellent combination to combat stress-related disorders.  These disciplines are not cures but can significantly aid in the maintenance and/or restoration of the body to a state of balance.  From there the body can begin to heal itself and prevent, or delay, further deterioration.

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage

Using deep, firm pressures this massage helps to eliminate the build-up of toxins that accumulate in the tissues. Specific strokes, which are both relaxing and invigorating, are administered wherever required.  Drainage of the toxins produces a cleansing effect thus allowing the body to rid itself of the damaging by-products of everyday activities. Circulation begins to flow more easily, essential nutrients begin to reach the muscles and tissues, muscles begin to relax and nerve endings are stimulated.

Below are a list of massage treatments Gillian offers followed by other treatments:

Full Body Massage (60 or 90 minutes)

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage (35 minutes)

Legs (35 minutes)

Specific Area Treatment (Sports Massage) (20-30 minutes)

Reflexology (60 Minutes)

Reflexology is based on an ancient art of holistic healing which originates from the early Chinese, Indian and Egyptian civilisations who worked on the feet to promote good health.  Reflexology promotes deep relaxation while stimulating the body’s own healing mechanism thus bringing about a sense of well-being and revitalised energy.

The therapy works on the theory that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every system, organ and gland in the body.

Reflexology reduces stress and induces deep relaxation working on both the emotional and physical level.

Results have been remarkable in relieving a broad range of conditions from chronic pain to acute sinusitis.  Reflexology also improves circulation, cleanses the body of toxins, revitalises and balances the whole system.

Indian Head Massage (50 minutes)

A stress-busting therapy which works on the muscular tissues of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face to relax or stimulate the body and help it maintain harmony. It provides relief for mental as well as physical stress. It involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help clear blockages and give relief from built-up tension. On an emotional level it calms the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

It is useful for headaches, sinusitis, Tempero-Mandibular joint tension, migraine, eye strain, improved concentration and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

Thermo-Auricular Therapy – Hopi Ear Candles (50 minutes)

Thermal Auricular Therapy (also known as Hopi Ear Candles) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions.  The candles work on a chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. They equalise the pressure in the head and ears, making them suitable for most conditions.

Contact Gillian direct to book an appointment at her Monday clinic:

Tel: 07972 834 675


Email Gillian Harris

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