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Lilla Ivanov

Sweaty Mama Franchise Owner and Instructor

Pre and post natal pilates qualifications

Lilla Ivanov –  Certified Sweaty Mama and Mamilates Franchise Owner, Nutritionist and Birth Doula

Little bit about me:
Becoming a mum and a wife made me more interested in healthy and balanced living, hence why I started my journey with a Nutritional course.  I’ve done the course for my own and my families benefit.  Later being pregnant the second time I realized many women around me been less fortunate then me with their birth stories, so started to dig deep about birth support in the country and that’s how I found out about doulas.  After meeting and speaking to doulas; one of them being my very good friend, I decided I wanted to complete a doula course, and combine my support for women with my nutritional support also.  As I always been an active mum, I very quickly realized the wonderful benefits of exercise and healthy living, and I could see all the positive changes on me and my family as well.  After I gave birth to my third baby last year, I found the perfect franchise company called Sweaty Mama.  I really like their company ethos and decided to start a franchise in West Lothian, designed around all women/mums.

About our classes and what can You expect:
Sweaty Mamilates is a uniquely devised session focusing on building core strength, balance and flexibility whilst enjoying some time to yourself.  It’s a relaxing, low impact class that strengthens muscle pathways and enhances posture, form and flexibility.  A relaxed, friendly environment to enjoy with other women.  For all fitness levels.  Our daytime Mamilates class is available for all; pregnant, post natal with baby or just on your own.

Sweaty Mamilates with Bump is focusing on relaxation, breathing techniques and maintaining muscle tone during pregnancy. Just like at main Mamilates class we are focusing with pregnant mamas on comfortable & light resistance exercise to maintain strength, balance and flexibility all whilst enjoying bonding time with your bump. It is all adapted to suit the pregnant mum, all instructors are Pre & Post Natal specialists.

I am bringing to the class also my knowledge and support from my doula life as part of the sessions.
During my doula works I’ve been supporting women and families in all kinds of situations, who have different kinds of births and make a wide range of parenting choices.

I am not there to advice them but supporting them to find a balanced information to make informed decisions about their birth plans and after birth care. I am there supporting them prior, during and after their birth. So if mamas during class do ask about something I can inform them to the right directions or right specialists.

Also being as a nutritionist I provide separate nutritional and health and exercise consultations within the class if need or requested which I give you as part of your package; however, if there is an actual consultation needed, then I am available for private consolations, or if I feel I can’t help, I am always happy to refer to someone more qualified.

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