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Lorena Lopez

Childrens Yoga Teacher

Children's Yoga Teacher. Sacred Heart Centre. Yoga Alliance. Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme Teaching Certificate. Primary school teacher.

Lorena uses yoga to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of young people in a fun and caring environment.  She has many years of experience in children’s education and is passionate about improving children’s health and wellbeing.  Her yoga classes include activities that improve balance, coordination and strength.  Lorena also uses simple mindfulness exercises that give children the tools to build self-confidence, achieve calmness and deal better with stress.  She believes that all children feel the need for belonging so she uses yoga techniques and games that promote social interaction and cooperation.

Feedback on classes from children;

“I liked it because it is fun and it calms you down’”

“My favourite part were the froggy jumps”

“I liked working with different partners”

“My favourite part was the dancer pose”

“I loved the relaxation at the end”

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