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Mary Scott

Tai Chi Instructor

Mary is qualified in Wu Style Tai Chi

My name is Mary Scott.  I live in Livingston and have done since 1969 when I moved here with my young family.

I have been practising Tai Chi for over 18 years and have been a qualified instructor for over 7 years.

I am a member of the Tai Chi Union For Great Britain.

There are many forms of Tai Chi practiced throughout the Orient and indeed, the World.   The style I practice and teach is Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. 

When practised regularly Tai Chi will help develop a healthy body and an alert mind.

It teaches the Taoist Breathing Technique.

It will aid with concentration,  co-ordination,  blood circulation, relaxation of the entire body, balance, mood and has many general benefits.

Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial Art.