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Rosie Lawson

Seasonal Yoga Teacher

NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach

Rosie decided to study to become a yoga teacher after realising the positive effect yoga had had on her life.   She describes her very personal journey below:

“Yoga enabled me, helped me find physical strength and helped me quieten and connect to my mind during a difficult time in my life.  It continues to help me find balance and focus in my busy life.

I trained at Seasonal Yoga Academy in Glasgow with teachers, Julie Hanson, Sue Wood and Marit.  We learned the dual disciplines of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga as well as pranayama (breath work) and meditation.  I studied anatomy with David Keil.  Our practice included in-depth study of energy and meridian channels and how these affect the various organs of the body.  Seasonal yoga is based around working with the energy meridian lines and the related internal organs.  The intention is that this focus results in us feeling physically, mentally and spiritually balanced after the practice.

I incorporate all the elements I learned during my training and use the varied skills to plan classes around the current season.  I use my knowledge of the individual postures and the particular effect each has on the body, mind and on our energy.  We aim to tune in to the season and our own energy then listen to the needs of our bodies.  From there we adjust, bringing balance and returning ourselves to the authentic way we lived before we became a society where we are expected to function 24 hours a day and remain well.

I have found that through a regular yoga practice we can shift and release our energy to release “stuck emotions”.  This can often challenge and free us from self-limiting beliefs and allow us to reach our full potential.

I am a master practitioner of Nuero Linguistic Programming.  I trained in this discipline to become a better yoga teacher and to give me a better understanding of how we process information and form our beliefs.  I will work with you as an individual to provide a practice which allows you to gain focus, clarity and peace, and one that helps you reach your full potential.”

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