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‘Choose YOU – yoga studio and wellness hub’ is owned and operated by EvaOm. The studio was created for EvaOm classes and very quickly became a resource other instructors wished to access. EvaOm classes (including those taught by contractors) can be booked through this site and will be identified as EvaOm on the timetable. The timetable shows all classes scheduled in the Choose YOU studio.

PLEASE NOTE: Timetable scrolls to the right to view the evening classes.

MON9.45-11.00am Seasonal Yoga with Rosie4.30-5.30pm Kids Meditation/Minfulness with Lorraine5.30 - 6.30pm Tai Chi Chuan with Mary Scott (EvaOM), 6.00-7.15pm and 7.30-8.45pm - Iyengar Yoga with Eva
TUES9.30-10.15 Action Tots, 10.25-11.05 Social Tots & 11.20-12.00 Discovery Tots12.15-1.05 Baby Development Course (six week course)6.00 - 7.30pm Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (EvaOm), 7.45-8.45pm Beginners Ashtanga Yoga with Jen
WED1.30-2.15 Pre/post natal pilates class with baby & 4.15-5.15 Teen Class (Sonja)5.30 - 6.30pm Seasonal Yoga with Rosie & 6.45-7.45 Mamalates with Lilla
THURS9.30 - 10.45am Tai Chi Chuan with Mary Scott (EvaOM)4.15 - 5.15pm ASN Yoga (7 - 16yr old) with Sonshine Yoga6.00 - 7.15pm & 7.30-8.45pm Iyengar Yoga with Eva
FRI9.45 - 11.00am Iyengar Yoga with Eva4.00 - 5.00pm Kids Yoga (7 - 11yr olds) with Sonshine Yoga (EvaOm)
WEEKENDStudio available for hireStudio available for hireStudio available for hire

*EvaOm classes can be booked here: Book a class  Other instructors should be contacted direct.

Eva Paterson – 07810 824 195
Seasonal Yoga – Rosie 07976 730 937
Beginners Yoga – Jen 07557 091 875
Kids Mindfulness/Meditation – Lorraine 07963 408 514
Sonshine Yoga – Son 07747 729 300

Contact details will be provided for instructors who rent the studio space.  Bookings should be made direct.  Further lets can be requested at available times, allowing a minimum of 15 minutes changeover between classes.

Upcoming classes and events

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    Beginners Yoga Course – Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

    Beginners Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Course
    Tuesdays 7.45pm - 8.45pm
    Please check you can make all dates
    For more info please email Jen at

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    Soul Revival Retreat Days

    We had our first successful Soul Revival Retreat Day on Sunday 8th September. We are currently planning a programme of 4 retreat days for 2020. We'll kickstart 2020 with a Soul Revival Retreat day in January.

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    Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training

    Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training
    For further enquiries please email.

    Click link below to connect to Felicitas registration page.

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    Tai Chi Chuan with Mary Scott

    Weekly Monday & Thursday Classes
    10 week block booking

    Click link below to book into Mary Scott's Tai Chi Chuan classes.

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    Yoga for Kids (7-11yr olds)

    Children’s yoga classes promote a sense of well-being through the use of postures, meditation and mindfulness. Sonja uses games, music and stories to introduce children to the benefits of yoga. The Kids love Son's classes.

    Click the link below to contact Sonja through her Facebook page.

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    Tween Yoga Class (11-16yr olds)

    This is the best way for 11-16year olds to take control of their monkey minds. Bringing the physical and mental practice of yoga together so Tweens stay grounded and calm during this time.
    Tweens can join at any time. We offer your first class to the studio for Free to trial.